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Electile Dysfunction

Is Democracy Dead? Did the electronic machines count your vote? The chances of the exit polls being wrong were 180 million to one against in 2004. How could this happen? Why are the machines so easily hackable? Why the long lines? Do our votes count?

The DVD Electile Dysfunction is a dynamic overview of our entire electoral process beginning with historical interviews in 2003 from people in the street, celebrities and experts that frame the story of serious problems with electronic voting machines. The documentary highlights the role mainstream media plays not reporting these abuses to the American public. The film focuses on the voting irregularities in Florida and Ohio in November 2004.

Beginning with historical interviews in 2003 from people in the street, celebrities and experts, background information on electronic voting machines, the storyline moves to the role the media plays, felon purge lists as a means to disenfranchise voters, a stolen election in Alabama 2002, and then on to irregularities in Florida and Ohio, in the November 2004 election.

Featured in Electile Dysfunction are: Greg Palast, Danny Schechter, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Victor Navasky, Jim Hightower, William Rivers Pitt, David Dill, the US Congressional Representative John Conyers and his Team, prominent computer scientists, celebrities, journalists, civil rights organizations, voting rights watchdogs, international poll watchers, election officials and everyday voters.

This film has been used in salon and small venue showings, as part of election reform conferences, discussions and panels. It is a tool of activating voters, getting people interested in election reform. If you would like to host a salon showing, please contact Penny or Helen.

The Fund for Santa Barbara has recently funded the Spanish translation of the film and salon showings in Santa Barbara County.

This is the most important issue today --the right to vote, the right to have your vote counted, because it is the core of any democracy. We cannot let our democracy slip away!
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