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Electile Dysfunction  


Electile Dysfunction is on both of these DVDs.


large product photo   See the Suppressed Movie

See the Suppressed Movie is a daring expose on the American electoral process. See the Suppressed Movie exposes "on camera" wrong-doing in our election process. This shocking DVD leaves voters of every political party stunned and alarmed. You are not powerless, you can save your right to vote. It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, it is your duty as an American to watch The Suppressed Movie. Includes "Electile Dysfunction" 58 Minute film by Penny Little. You can buy it now for $20 plus $4.00 shipping, or wholesale here.



Electile Dysfunction, the Movie


large product photo   Electile Dysfunction - The Original DVD by Penny Little

$22.50 plus $4.00 Shipping

Both of these DVDs feature "Electile Dysfunction" a 58 minute expose of the election process in the US, how electronic voting machines, disenfranchisement , and other vote fraud affected the 2004 Presidential election. What is different is that on the original DVD is Greg Palast's 12 minute Trailer for "Bush Family Fortune", plus a musical extra: "Komputer Made me Cry", by The Away Team and a 2:30 minute trailer which is great to share with your more skeptical friends. Friends don't let friends be uninformed. Watch the trailer here.