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Yes, the power of your vote is real! That's why the information in the film Electile Dysfunction" is important to every voter. The closer an election, the easier it is to flip the vote -- or steal YOUR vote. That's why this November 4, it is so important for every voter to get out and vote,! Cure Electile Dysfunction. VOTE!

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This 58 minute invesigative documentary film by Penny Little explores the story behind the scenes of the November 2004 Presidential election, showing a complicated and technical subject in lively montage style, interviews interlaced with dark humor, short animations and musical interludes

"Is Democracy Dead? Did the electronic machines count your vote? The chances of the exit polls being wrong were 180 million to one against in 2004. How could this happen? Why are the machines so easily hackable? Why the long lines? Do our votes count?

See The Suppressed Movie
Bud Clifton's film "See the Suppressed Movie" is on the DVD with"Electile Dysfunction". Penny worked with Bud to create a DVD which can be used as a tool to save our democracy. You can become a wholesaler here. and get this important information to the voters .The power of your vote is real!

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