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Dawn Perrine and Penny Little of People to People TV admidst stacks of envelopes in their campaign to mail a copy of Electile Dysfunction to every US Senator.

Santa Barbara filmmaker Penny Little and members of People to People TV are agitating again. People to People TV (P2PTV) are makers of a new documentary, "Electile Dysfunction" which they sent to every United States Senator, with a request to reject John Roberts as a Supreme Court Justice.

People to People TV is an alliance of media activists who produce independent television, films, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) for social justice. The Fund for Santa Barbara awarded a grant to have "Electile Dysfunction" translated into Spanish, and to show the film throughout Santa Barbara County. In addition, People to People TV received a California State Legislature Certificate of Recognition for "Electile Dysfunction" and for their contributions to the Santa Barbara County community.

Dawn Perrine, a P2P TV filmmaker and videographer comments: "We feel we need to make big statements. We hope the Senators will look at the film because there is a need to question why President Bush is making appointments like John Bolton while the Senate is in recess, and trying to fast track his choice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court with a corporate lawyer and lobbyist, someone who participated in an effort to nullify parts of the Voting Rights Act."

The film "Electile Dysfunction", directed by Penny Little, explores the problems of the last two Presidential Elections, covering the issues of electronic voting machines, disenfranchisement, extraordinary discrepancies in exit polls, vote counts, and fraud. The film features interviews with Greg Palast, Danny Schechter, Victor Navasky, Jim Hightower, Robert Fitrakis, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bev Harris, Lisa Tasef-Rodriguez, David Dill, and other computer experts, journalists, members of Congress, celebrities, and ordinary people in the street. The film is an overview of a complex subject, beginning with the election in 2000, showing what happened during and the aftermath of the Presidential Election in Florida and Ohio, leading up to the certification of the vote in January 2005. Penny says, "This issue goes across partisan boundaries: if one party can rig an election, the other party can do so as well."

What does the nomination of John Roberts for the Supreme Court have to do with the film "Electile Dysfunction"? Nik Green of People to People TV answers that question: "Since it has been conclusively confirmed by statisticians and polling experts that the 2004 election of George W. Bush was fraudulent, as shown conclusively in this new documentary movie, it casts a dark shadow on his right to insist upon a fast-track approval of John Roberts for the Supreme Court. Also, the facts that Roberts himself took a stand against voters' rights, specifically the memos he wrote during the Reagan administration, combined with the fact that the current White House has censored the record on Roberts' voters' rights commentary, are not only grounds for suspicion, but good reason for the outright rejection of this nominee."

In the letter to the Senators, People to People TV write: "In 2000, the Supreme Court, circumventing State and Constitutional Law, selected George W. Bush as President, without counting the vote." This alone shows the power of the Supreme Court. John Roberts was one of the attorneys for George W. Bush in Gore vs. Bush 2000, which resulted in Bush's appointment as President.

If he wasn't elected, then he doesn't get to select. At the very least, Bush doesn't have a mandate to install, without serious questioning, a judge such as John Roberts, to the Supreme Court. There has been a call across party lines for a moderate: John Roberts is not a moderate. He is also not experienced, with a mere two years on the bench.

John Roberts does not deserve to be confirmed by the Senate, considering the importance of this appointment for perhaps decades to come. There are many potential candidates in the Judiciary who are better qualified and more suitable than John Roberts for this vital position. America needs someone who will protect the Constitutional rights of all of our citizens.

People to People TV asks the Senators to "make some history and stand up for what is right. Please do not confirm John Roberts. America deserves better; democracy deserves better."

For information about the film info@electile-dysfunction.com

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