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Electile Dysfunction

What People are Saying:

Debra Bowen, California State Senator: "This film, and films like it, keep me going."

Purple Tigress

""Electile Dysfunction - A Movie Every American Should See"
This isn't just a rabble of ranting radicals. Director Penny Little includes a diverse spectrum of people speaking out against the unchecked problems of electronic voting in this 55-minute investigative report. You hear from California Senator Barbara Boxer, former California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the ACLU of Florida, the Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition, investigative journalists Greg Palast and Danny Schechter, computer scientists and security experts Dr. Avi Rubin and David Dill, Rev. Jesse Jackson and others.

There is even the testimony of a man who claims he was hired to help rig an election. This whistleblower later, as you might expect, lost his job.

Perhaps the main point for any concerned voter, no matter what your political party might be, is this: should we expect fewer checks and balances for our election systems then we would expect for our bank accounts?

Rob Williams on Thu, 02/16/2006 - 2:51pm.
Directed by Penny Little, with supporting appearances by everyone from Danny "Media Dissector" Schechter to the Reverend Jesse Jackson, this 1 hour plus grassroots guerilla film provides a hilarious and provocative look at the perils of electronic voting machines, and the ways in which the Orwellian "Help America Vote Act" HAVA), passed by Congress with the blessing of the defense industry (ah - a clue) in 2002, actually set the stage for the corporate hijacking of the electoral process now underway in many key counties in many key states around the Union.

While the film manages to incorporate a number of key pieces of evidence in building its case, it is most useful as a frank and funny (if that is the right word) introduction to our situation, with a focus on the perils of electronic ÒvotingÓ (and we can use that term loosely).

Once you've screened this film, you're ready for Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wassermans ÒHow The GOP Stole AmericaÕs 2004 Election and Is Rigging 2008.

Linda Piera-Avila January, 2005: "It reminded me of Michael Moore's style: savvy and sophisticated while factual and pointed."


Bob Koehler of Tribune Media Services "Terrific!. ... Electile Dysfunction covers all the important issues, and is a great vehicle for stirring up interest in fair elections...."

This DVD is a great organizing tool for those who are concerned about the most basic element in a democracy: the right to vote. If you are interested in hosting a salon showing in your neighborhood, please contact us
























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