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How to cure Electile Dysfunction

Did George Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? This book by Robert Fitrakis is the definitive answer, if you can get through all 800 pages. A must have for the researcher. Not easy reading. But should be required for those who are involved in election reform.

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This film has been used in salon and small venue showings, as part of election reform conferences, discussions and panels. It is a tool of activating voters, getting people interested in election reform. If you would like to host a salon showing, please contact Penny or Helen
The Fund for Santa Barbara has recently funded the Spanish translation of the film and salon showings in Santa Barbara County.
This is the most important issue today --the right to vote, the right to have your vote counted, because it is the core of any democracy. We cannot let our democracy slip away!
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Some Screen Shots from the Electile Dysfunction below:

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